About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Jessika. I live in Miami. I’m an attorney, wife, and puppy-momma.

A family member recently asked me what my hobby was and all I could say was “eating and drinking.” What the hell? That’s not a hobby. Eating is just a means of sustenance and drinking is what I do to keep from stabbing idiots. I tried to supplement my response with “yoga and Soulcycle,” but those aren’t hobbies either. Those are just things I do to keep from getting fat from my other hobbies … eating and drinking. So, I decided to start a blog like everyone else in the world. My blog, however, is different and important with compelling content and perspective-challenging ideas. JUST KIDDING, my blog – like everyone else’s – is about fashion, food, traveling, drinking, selfies, celebrities, and other shallow pop culture. More importantly, this blog is an outlet for me to channel my creative/restless energy into something fun. I hope you enjoy!  
Jessika Arce Graham

Contact: Style.graham@gmail.com


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